Profile - Dieffenbacher

- Established in 1873

- Headquarter is in Eppingen, Germany

- Shareholders: 100% family owned

- Number of employees: 1.700 

The Dieffenbacher Group is one of the world‘s leading  manufacturers of complete production plants for the wood products and composite industry. 



They supply “Presses and More”, i.e. from complete plants as a single source with the hydraulic press as a core component, to the development of the essential supporting process components within their group of companies.

Dieffenbacher recently launched a third division – ”Recycling” – geared to develop and market complete production plants for processing waste and reusable materials.

Competitive advantages

- 100% family owned - really close customer relations. 

- Complete turn-key supplier - all equipment out of one hand. 

- Complete sales, manufacturing and service based in N.A. - Windsor, ON. 

- Most precise real-time parallel motion in all of their presses. 

- First plastic press build in 1923 - almost 100 years of experience and know-how. 

- 24/7 service support worldwide and spare part stocks worldwide. 

- Strong in-house R&D, partnerships, networks and testing facilities worldwide.

Interest in meeting with

- All companies, who are active in composites / compression molding and focusing right now or in the future on processes like: SMC, D-LFT, HP-RTM, LCM, GMT, LWRT.

- All companies, who are working on or going into UD-Tape (thermoplastics) reinforced parts. 

- All companies who have end-products in: automotive, aerospace, agricultural, recreational, sports and leisure.

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Getting market insights 

- Establish new contacts

- Find business partner

- Networking

- Upcoming projects

- Get new insights into processes or products

Contact Details

 Louis Kaptur 

 Head of Business Unit Composites - North America

Tel.:   +1 226 235 9568


Raimund Grimm 

Sales Manager 

Tel.: +1 519 979 6937 – 116 



Profile - Schuler

- Established in 1839 

- Headquarter: Göppingen, Germany, 

- Number of employees: 6.600 employees 

- Production sites in Europe, China and America, as well as service companies in more than 40 countries. 

- The company is majority-owned by the Austrian ANDRITZ Group.

Schuler offers customized first-rate technology in all areas of forming – from the networked press to press-shop planning. In addition to press, the product includes automation and software solutions, dies, process know-how and service for the entire metalworking industry. The customers include automotive manufacturers and suppliers, as well as companies in the forging, household appliance and electronics industries. Presses from the Schuler Group mint coins for more than 180 countries. When it comes to the digital transformation of the forming technology, they support their customers worldwide as a supplier of innovative system solutions. 



Schuler offers leightweighting forming technologies/equipment like hot stamping, compression molding or hydro-forming of various materials incl. steel, aluminum or carbon-fiber reinforced plastics. 

Schuler delivers equipment to produce compression molded parts with HP-RTM, SMC, GMT or similar processes. The company works with many partners to supply turnkey solutions including automation, die and other equipment such as heating devices and cutting operations.

Core business is to deliver turnkey compression molding solutions with a press forces of >1000ton incl. automation.

Competitive Advantages

Full Turnkey solutions, process knowledge for compression molding, local service support in the US and Canada

Interest in meeting

- Automotive: OEMs, Tier 1-3

- Heavy Duty Truck Market: OEMs, Tier 1-3

- Agriculture and Construction vehicles: Manufacturing and their Tier 1-3

- Appliances: Production sites for compression molded parts

- R&D Facilities working close to the automotive industry

- Decision-makers & Engineers

- Potential customers with production of fiber reinforced plastics

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Build up network in the Canadian compression molding market

- Get in contact with suppliers in order to get on bidding lists for future projects

Contact Details

Paul Thom 

Sales Engineer 

Tel: +1 7346807555



Profile - AFPT

- Established in 2007

- Headquarter: Dörth, Germany

- Number of employees: 25

AFPT is a supplier of laser-assisted thermoplastic tape winding & placement equipment. They provide fully automated solutions for thermoplastic composite production. In their technical center they develop together with customers composite products and do small scale manufacturing.



Winding Equipment Manufacturer


Tubes & Pipes as structural components. In the automotive industry, e.g. as seat stays, chassis components such as springs, engine suspensions. In the offshore industry: For pumping fluids (oil, gas, water, hydraulics, etc.). 

Tape Placement

Local reinforcement of thermoplastic components (injection molding, organic sheet metal, etc.) or metals (hybrid components)

AFPT works with thermoplastics instead of duroplastics

  • Advantage over duroplastic: During the process the components already harden and are ready-made when they get out of the machine.
  • Benefits for the customer: Manufacturing costs are lower, automation is simpler, parts can still be formed afterwards. 

Competitive Advantages

AFPT is the market leader for thermoplastic tape winding and placement equipment. They have generated unique technology and process knowledge in using the laser-assisted tape placement process for over a decade.

Interest in meeting

- Automotive, Aerospace and Mechanical OEMs & Tier 1-3 Suppliers

- Plastic / Composite Material Manufacturer

- Injection molding manufacturers / plastic processing suppliers

- 3-D Printing Suppliers / Additives Manufacturing Industry

- R&D Institutes

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Meet potential business partners from the North American Automotive industry 

- Demonstrate the potential of the technology to manufacture lightweight components on an industrial scale

- Establishing business partnerships with local companies

- Acquisition of companies wishing to carry out component development at the application center in Koblenz (benefit for customers: low costs for small production series)

- Possibility of cooperation with R&D Institutions

Contact Details

Lucas Ciccarelli 

Sales and Project Engineer 

Tel: +49 6747 950185 32



Profile - Held

- Established in 1949

- Headquarter: Trossingen-Schura, Germany

HELD is a family-run and internationally active special machine manufacturing company that has developed over the last 40 years into the market leader in the field of isobaric high-performance double belt presses (DBT). HELD Technologie GmbH manufactures presses which work continuous and are able to achieve a pressure of up to 80 bar. Different kind of materials can be laminated, consolidated or stabilized in a flexible way with the isobaric DBP. The advantage of a DBP is the excellent heat transfer capability in the heating and cooling zones under maintained pressure. 

Possible applications of DBT: Automotive industry, aerospace industry, furniture, electronics industry, construction industry, energy industry etc.



Held is a leading manufacturer of isobaric double belt presses 

The company also delivers the belts, which are mounted on the press. Different surfaces can be provided such as high-gloss steel belts, mat and industrial polished belts.

Competitive advantages

- Continuous process - high productivity

- Uniform pressure provides stress-free product

- Heating & cooling under maintained pressure

- Set temperature profiles as required

- Outstanding heat transfer - high production speed

- Processes roll & sheet material, powder, granules etc.

Interest in meeting

- Companies who are interested in any lamination/consolidation process of any kind of material under heat and pressure

- People responsible for R&D / Production Process

- Fuel-cell manufacturers (companies like Ballard Power Systems)

- Automobile OEMs

- Supplier to the automotive industry

- Particularly interesting parts can be: under-body, steering parts, thermoplastic for fittings, rear windows for convertibles, etc.

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Establishing new contacts to potential companies who would like to know more about the benefits of using double belt presses or rent equipment in the HELD Technology Park in Trossingen, if own production should be scaled in Germany

-Benefits for customers to use Technology Park: Customers can produce on site, carry out R&D work and gain experience on the equipment.

Contact Details

Elfriede Martini 

Senior Sales Engineer 

Tel: + 49 7425 335765



Profile - Autograph

- Established in 1970

- Headquarter: Flensburg, Germany

- Number of employees: 8

Autograph Dimensions GmbH is the only provider worldwide of independent package data produced serially for the latest automobiles of various manufacturers. The customers of autograph dimensions GmbH include almost all major European and international automobile manufacturers.



- Complete vehicle measurement (incl. CAD drawings, surface information, datasheets, measurement tables)

- The standard measurement includes exterior, interior and boot dimensions as well as the various loading conditions of vehicles. 

- For the interior measurement, an H-point machine is used which corresponds in size and weight to an average driver. For example, the angle of the joints, how much the driver is pressed into the seat and the distance to the pedals are measured. In this way, exact information about the seat and space conditions can be obtained. The driver's field of vision can be measured by a laser measuring unit mounted at eye level.

- From the data obtained, true-to-scale 2-D and 3-D CAD drawings are produced, with which the vehicle geometry can be viewed from various perspectives. 

- Benefits for the customer: precise information for competitive comparison, quality analysis or further development. In many areas of the automotive industry, the data provide valuable information for innovations and new models.

Competitive Advantage

- Approx. 40 vehicles from series production per year

- No existing design data is used. New measurement of the data are taken for each vehicle

- Measurements are made in accordance with international standards, e.g. SAE J 1100

- Large data archive with more than 1.000 vehicles that have been measured and can be compared with

Interested in meeting

- OEMs

- Design Studios

- R&D studios (product development)

- Design engineers (for vehicle construction)

- Supplier to the automotive industry. Interesting parts are entire interior (seats, dashboards, large interior parts)

- Plastic mold manufacturers

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Establishing contacts in the B2B

- Getting to know the Canadian market and its potential

Contact Details

Andrea Thomsen-Peters 

Managing Director

Tel: +49 461 940 38-18



Profile - Laubinger & Rickmann

- Established in 1972

- Headquarter: Nordwalde, Germany

- Number of employees: 100 

L&R does destructive material testing, non-destructive material testing, straightening systems and builds special machines. The focus for export is placed on straightening machines.



Straightening Machines

- 3-dimensional straightening of e.g. structural parts, chassis parts, motor components

- Customers are BMW, Mercedes, Nemak and Magna 

Penetrant testing machines for crack inspection (FPI)

Testing Machines for NDT (Non-destructive testing using Ultrasonic, X-Ray, Eddy current)

 - in aerospace, steel, railway industry

 - in cooperation with manufacturers of inspection technology (e.g. GE, Framatome)

Competitive Advantage

- More than 20 years of experience in 3D straightening of automotive parts

- Self-learning software

- Advantage for the customer: faster and more efficient, as an automatically optimizing cycle can achieve a time minimized process

- International experience, as machines are already in use worldwide

Interested in meeting

- Supplier to the automotive industry

- Particularly interesting parts: structural components in the chassis area

- Foundry and heat treatment department for aluminium parts (e.g. quality manager, program manager, production manager) 

- OEMs 

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Get to know the Canadian market and its potential 

- Establishing new business- and service partners 

Contact Details

Dr. Martin Köppers

Managing Director

Tel: +49 2573 9388-17



Profile - Edag

- Established in 1969

- Headquarter: Wiesbaden, Germany

- Number of employees: 8,404 

- The Edag Group has just under 60 branches in 19 countries

The Edag Engineering Group AG is an international engineering services group that offers comprehensive technical support for all relevant automotive development functions e.g. design and engineering, vehicle integration, electronics, project and quality management.

- Our customers include all well-known automobile manufacturers and suppliers as well as companies in the electronics and software industries. 



- Full-scale engineering support for all relevant functions within automotive development

- Integrated engineering services in the automotive sector

- The integrated development of vehicles and production plants, derivatives, modules and their optimization are the focus of our activities.

- The business is diversified and ranges from prototype construction and e-mobility to the planning and development of flexible production systems.

Competitive Advantage

- International representation

- Engineering full scale automotive development

- Local service support in the USA and Canada

Interested in meeting

- Automotive OEMs and Supplier (Linamar, Martinrea and Magna)

- Automotive: Innovation departments of the OEMs, Tier 1-3

- Plastic manufacturers (glass fiber, plastic and composite materials)

- Electronics supplier (to keep abreast of the latest developments in the North American market)

- Universities: R&D facilities working in the vicinity of the automotive industry

- Trade associations (Steel, Plastics, Car Parts)

Purpose of visiting Canada

- Networking with participants and exchange opinions

- We can support Canadian vehicle manufacturer to develop their products, engineer the manufacturing plant, develop the whole logistics chain - bring products to market

- Establishing new contacts to potential customers, sales and service partners 

- Networking (e.g. for idea development) 

- Get a better understanding of the North American market and the ambitions of local OEMs with regard to lightweight technologies.

- The contacts to Canada are so far sparse and there is great interest in expanding them. 

Contact Details

Jan Schulte 

Managing Director -North America 

Tel: +1 248 688 7735



Profile - Leichtbauatlas

The LEICHTBAUATLAS is an interactive portal which illustrates the lightweighting-related skills in Germany – for all materials, technologies and sectors. Organisations can present their processes and activities on this website.

It helps enterprises and research institutions in particular to find local lightweighting solutions that meet their needs. For this purpose, a catalogue comprising around 250 criteria has been elaborated in close cooperation with business and academia helping stakeholders to find the right supplier or partner. A text search function and a geographical locator are also available.

The LEICHTBAUATLAS has been developed on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) by Fraunhofer LBF, Fraunhofer IWU and Brimatech. Registered users can enter and update the relevant information for their organisation at any time.


Contact Details

Werner Loscheider

Head of Unit for Construction industry, Lightweight construction / New Materials & Resource efficiency 



Profile - Leichtbau BW

Leichtbau BW, probably the largest lightweight construction network in the world, supports you in marketing and makes you visible to potential customers. You can benefit from a strong overall presence and our all-round carefree package for trade   fair appearances and secure new sales opportunities for yourself. With our   market studies we show you innovation potentials and drive the technology   development forward with you. We support you as the state's economic and   science promotion agency with our wide range of services.


Contact Details

Sandra Bayer

General Manager

Tel: +49 7111 289 8843



Profile - MAI Carbon

MAI Carbon is a  project of Carbon Composites e.V. (CCeV) and was selected as a top cluster in   the cluster competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research   (BMBF) of Germany on January 19, 2012. Within the MAI Carbon cluster, companies, educational- & research institutions as well as supporting   organizations that operate in the technology field "carbon fiber reinforced plastics" (CFRP or carbon) in the region Munich-Augsburg-Ingolstadt are involved. The partners come from all   industries in which high-performance fiber-reinforced composites are used. The main focus is on the automotive, aerospace, mechanical and plant engineering industries.


Contact Details

Dr. Tjark von Reden 


Tel: +49 821-26 84 11-11